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Best Online Part Time Jobs for College Students in India

Today online Part Time Jobs are playing a very important role in helping an individual in getting some money for their daily expenses or for clearing some other financial problems. A few years ago getting a part-time job is very difficult in India especially for college going students. But everything has changed after the internet expansion from place to place and time to time. Every city, town, and village in the world is got interconnected due to of the Internet (connecting computers). Commercial Internet usage in India has started in the year 1995 and it led to many businesses over the online gateways. As a result, the need for online resources has provided opportunities for many newbies in India, allowing everyone to focus on online jobs. 
Online Part Time Jobs for College Students in India
Best Online Part Time Jobs for College Students in India

Best Online Part Time Jobs for College Students in India:

Online Tutoring: 

 If you are good at Mathematics or Physics or Chemistry, then congratulations! You have a job. Yes, there are many students from other countries like the USA and Canada are in search of an online tutor for their academic subjects because evening tuitions are not available in those countries like in India. Here you need to register for the specific subject and a screening exam conducted by the particular website. Once you are done with the screening test, the website mediators or HR will give you the details of the program duration and time along with the salary. The minimum salary for this kind of jobs will start from 15K per month.  Ex: Tutor Vista (www., Tutor (

Content Writer and Translator: 

Expertise in the English language helps you in getting this job easily and with more salary. The kind of work is writing blog posts/articles as a freelancer and get paid for the work you have done. Translator job is also similar but here you need to aware of your local language along with English. Content writer jobs are available in almost all major news portals and websites. The minimum salary for the content writer job depends upon your English language writing skills. Please visit website or

The above mentioned two online part time jobs will help college students not only in getting money but also helps in improving your skills.

Social Media Evaluator: 

It's a comfortable part-time job where you can work for 1 hour to 4 hours per day (5 days a week). Here you need to be aware of social media things, basic computer operations along with good English writing skills. Before acceptance of your application, a screening test will be conducted which contains questions on computer basics, social media, and English. After clearing the screening exam a mail will be sent to your inbox to explain the nature of work and working hours. Social Media evaluator is nothing but evaluating the data on social media like Facebook, Instagram and search engines. You can find this type of jobs in Also, search for the keyword phrase ' Social Media Evaluator Jobs' on google to find similar websites.

Google Adsense: 

We should not consider it as a part-time job for the starting few months since it is a time taking process where several factors rely on it. But we can convert it as a part-time job for a lifetime after some work around. The main important thing here is, understanding the terms SEO, SMO, SEM, SMM in Digital Media Marketing. Please go through the google articles, youtube, and forums for better understanding.

Affiliate Marketing: 

Today we are in the world of e-commerce. Everyone is buying products online. So the E-Commerce websites are encouraging affiliate marketers by paying more percentages on product sales. In driving traffic to the affiliate marketing, we need to understand the customer desires and have to place the right products on the landing page accordingly. In most of the cases, affiliate marketers are paid more than the Adsense publishers. Affiliate marketing has huge demand during the festive seasons especially in the month of December and January. There are few guides in online available for download from websites like,, and for a better understanding of Content Marketing and Affiliate Marketing.

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