10 Simple Resume Templates for Freshers to Download in MS Word

The best resumes are those that communicate your skills and accomplishments clearly and effectively. But for freshers, the average time spent by recruiters watching a resume is not more than 20 to 30 seconds. Generally, the interviewers don't follow the full resume of freshers unless the resume creates an interest. Do not carry or apply for the Jobs with the same resume to all vacancies. Modify it according to the position and adapt it to the vacant position. The keywords of the job skills, your experience or your studies must appear on the 1st page of your CV. Regarding personal data, only your name, age, gender, contact details, and nationality are enough. Always keep a font size small enough to read and try to mention areas of interest in bullet points. Include your student organization engagements, volunteer experience, and professional associations. Example: If you are an NCC cadet or Scout cadet, mention the volunteer experience. Also, mention if you are a part of any social service organizations. 
Top Resume Formats/Templates for Freshers
Top 10 Resume Templates for Freshers 

Simple Resume Templates for Freshers

Simple Resume Templates for Freshers

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