20 Simple Agile Scrum Master Interview Questions | Updated

Agile Scrum Master Interview Questions 

Agile Development Scrum Master Interview Questions
Agile Scrum Master Interview Questions
Agile is a software development methodology used in an organization for project management under which requirements and solutions evolve through the collective effort. Today every software organization is incorporating Agile methodology in development and testing for better ROI.

  1. What are the different Software Development Methodologies you have worked so far?
  2. How Agile Development methodology differs from other software development methodologies?
  3. What is a SCRUM meeting (daily standup)?
  4. What is the role of SCRUM Master in a Project?
  5. What is meant by Sprint?
  6. How many days a Sprint last?
  7. What is the difference between the Study Board and Story Board?
  8. What are user stories and how they are assigned to resources?
  9. What is the difference Task and User Story?
  10. What are the daily activities in a Sprint?
  11. What is a Sprint Backlog?
  12. What is the difference between product backlog and sprint backlog?
  13. What is the Sprint Velocity and how it is calculated?
  14. What is meant by the term ‘SPIKE’ in the storyboard?
  15. What are Story Points, and on what basis they are assigned to a story?
  16. What is the maximum number of resources an agile development team can contain?
  17. What are Sprint Review and Sprint Retrospective meeting?
  18. What is discussed in Sprint Retrospection meeting?
  19. What is the Burndown Chart?
  20. What are the tools used by a scrum master in Agile Development?

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