7 Major Differences between GRE and GMAT

7 Major Differences between GRE and GMAT

GRE is an Exam required for any graduate program in the US and also in some other countries. It has three sections in the exam. 1. Quantitative section, 2. Verbal section and 3. Writing section. The quantitative and verbal section each account for 170 marks and the writing section has 2 questions each of 6 marks. They take the average of your score and give your score out of 6. The quantitative section contains basic mathematics. Verbal section has comprehension questions as well as vocabulary questions. The minimum marks to get admission into Top rated US universities and colleges is 320 and above with a minimum of 4 on a scale in writing section out of 6. Candidates are advised to keep more concentration on verbal section to get a good score in GRE.
7 Major Differences between GRE and GMAT
GRE vs GMAT - Major Differences

Graduate Management Admission Council (GMAT) is an admission test used for admission into Business & Management schools accepted by over 2000 universities in 100 countries. Most of the candidates target for more than 750 out of 800 in GMAT Exam to get admission into top Business Schools, universities and Colleges. Let's have a look into the major 7 differences between GRE and GMAT

 (GRE vs GMAT)


1. Admission
Used for Admission into Graduation program and few Business Schools
Used for Admission into only Business Schools
2. Sections
GRE has 3 Sections( Quantitative, Verbal, and Writing)
GMAT also has 3 Sections( Quantitative, Verbal, and Writing)
3. Separate Sections
Essay Writing -1
Essay Writing -2
(Calculated average on the Scale of  1-6)
Essay Writing & Integrated Reasoning
(Scale of  1-8)
4. Easy Sections
Quantitative section is quite easy in GRE when compared with GMAT
The verbal section is quite easy when compared with GRE
5. Score
GRE total score is for 340 marks and one should get minimum 320 and above to get admission into top universities
Minimum score to secure a seat in top universities is 750 and above.
6. Exam Registration Fee
Varies between $ 190 and $205
7. Useful Websites to know the test centers and the  exam dates

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