Oracle ADF Interview Questions for Freshers and Experienced

Oracle ADF Interview questions and answers for Freshers and Experienced candidates are available here. Those who are preparing for a technical interview can go through the below-provided interview questions and answers. The main concepts in Oracle ADF covered here are Business Components, Task Flows, Scopes, Bindings, Security and Performance Tuning. We can consider the below interview questions as fundamental to the average level where an interviewer generally focus.  
Oracle ADF Interview Questions
Oracle ADF Interview Questions for Freshers

Oracle ADF Interview Questions 

  1. Explain the Oracle ADF Life Cycle in detail?
  2. What is the difference between ADF and JSF?
  3. What is the Oracle ADF Business Components and explain them?
  4. What is the difference between Entity Object and View Object in ADF?
  5. What is read-only SQL based View Object?
  6. Explain about Association, View Link and Application Module in Oracle ADF?
  7. What is a view criterion?
  8. How to achieve transaction at Application module level?
  9. What is an adfconfig.xml file? And explain the difference between adfconfig.xml and facesconfig.xml file?
  10. What is Action and ActionListener in ADF?
  11. What is setActionListener in ADF?
  12. What are the different types of bindings in Oracle ADF?
  13. What is Databindings.cpx file?

  14. What are the Memory Scopes present in Oracle ADF?
  15. What is a region in Oracle ADF application?
  16. What is Pagination?
  17. What is Partial Page Rendering?
  18. What is a Task Flow?
  19. What is the difference between bounded and unbounded task flow?
  20. Explain various scopes present in ADF?
  21. What are the various Task Flow activities present in Oracle ADF?
  22. What is a Reusable Task Flow?
  23. Explain about view activity, router, task flow call, task flow return, wildcard activities?
  24. What is a method activity in Oracle ADF?
  25. How to achieve a transaction at TaskFlow level?
  26. Where to write Business Rules in Oracle ADF?
  27. How to perform Junit Testing in Oracle ADF?
  28. What is the difference between Managed Bean and Backing Bean?
  29. Explain about Jazn-data.xml file?
  30. How to implement security in Oracle ADF Application? 
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