Oracle Identity Manager, Simple OIM Interview Questions

Oracle Identity Manager (OIM) Interview Questions for Experienced

 OIM Interview Questions
 (OIM) Interview Questions

  1. What is an Identity?
  2. What is the difference between Identity, Role, and Organization?
  3. Explain the Architecture of Oracle Identity Manager?
  4. What is Authentication & Authorization?
  5. What is LDAP?
  6. What are Lookups in Identity Management?
  7. What are the Types of users in Oracle identity manager?
  8. What are the benefits of Identity Management?
  9. How does Identity Management (IDM) work?
  10. What is the purpose of rule designer?
  11. What are the various domains that fall under identity management?
  12. What is Lookup?USR_PROCESS_TRIGGERS ?
  13. How data flow happens during provisioning?
  14. How do we send emails in OIM11g?
  15. How is the Identity Management Solutions Implemented?
  16. Explain the Provisioning and Reconciliation process?
  17. Explain about Auto provisioning Process?

  18. What is the purpose of the Reconciliation Manager?
  19. What do mean by Connectors?
  20. What is ICF, ICF architecture?
  21. Why the connector server (ICF) is used.
  22. What are the types of connector servers?
  23. Is it possible to replace a remote manager with Connector Servers?
  24. What is Resource Object (RO)?
  25. What is a Remote Manager in IDM?
  26. What is Oracle Webgate?
  27. How to Reconfigure the IDM WAR file after installation?
  28. What are the differences between OIM 10g and OIM 11g?
  29. What is the OIM user? How many Types of users are there in oracle identity manager?
  30. List some OIM API java classes. 
  31. What is Resource Object in OIM?
  32. What are the Access Policies and Approval Policies in OIM?
  33. What are the Access Policies in OIM?
  34. What is the Adapter? What Adapters are available in OIM?
  35. How do you create a custom scheduled task in OIM 11g?
  36. How do you create a custom plugin in OIM 11g?
  37. What is a sandbox in 11gR2?
  38. What is a public task flow and how do you develop and use it in OIM?
  39. HOW to do version Upgradation in OIM?
  40. What is the use of catalog synchronization job?
  41. How to create custom reports in OIM?
  42. What is the use of Oracle Virtual Directory (OVD)?
  43. What are the different types of directory servers?
  44. What is Role-Based Access Control(RBAC)?
  45. What is the use of Bulk Load Utility?
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