What are the Prerequisites to Learn Oracle SOA ?

Oracle SOA Prerequisites helps you in learning the technology very quickly. Oracle SOA is a Fusion Middleware Technology serves as an interface between applications built on any type of technology (Java, .NET, BPM, etc.). To learn Oracle Service Oriented Architecture (SOA), you need to have a few prerequisites. 
Oracle SOA Prerequisites
Prerequisites for Learning Oracle SOA

    Prerequisites to Learn Oracle SOA

  • Strong Knowledge of XML helps in understanding SOA in a better way since the background implementation of SOA is in XML only. Try to keep more concentration on XML topics like Namespaces, WSDL, SOAP, XSD, XSL, XSLT, XPath, XQuery.
  • Basic knowledge of SQL queries (DDL, DML, DCL, and TCL) like selecting data, inserting data, updating data and committing the data.
  • If you have good knowledge of Java, then it works better in real time projects. Most of the projects in real time contain the Java web services which are very tough to understand without Java knowledge. Sometimes you need to work on Java web services when there is no Java resource available in your team.

Apart from the above three prerequisites for Oracle SOA, Better If you are aware of the software development methodologies in the current time (especially Agile) and the tools/ software’s used in the real-time development of a project.

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