Digital Marketing Interview Questions for Freshers 2019

Digital Marketing Interview Questions: Digital Marketing has begun one of the biggest marketing platforms for many of the businesses and startup companies. Today the share of digital marketing is ahead of traditional marketing. Due to this scenario, the number of jobs for digital marketing is increasing day by day. There are many jobs on digital marketing like Digital Marketing Executive, Digital Marketing Analyst, SEO Analyst, etc.
Digital Marketing Interview Questions 2019
Digital Marketing Interview Questions
Digital Marketing Interview Questions help you in gaining the knowledge and also in getting a good job in any MNC company like Accenture. Here I have shared a few questions that I faced in Accenture Interview for Digital Marketing Executive Job. Most of the questions I have faced in the Interview are related to SEO, SEM, Google AdWords, Campaigns, Keyword Planning, Mobile Optimization, etc. If you are interested in the Digital Marketing field, I am advising you to check the below questions before going for an Interview.

Digital Marketing Interview Questions

  1. What are the advantages of Online Marketing over Offline Marketing?
  2. What is Digital Marketing?
  3. What are the advantages of Digital Marketing?
  4. On What basis a Website is considered as Responsive? (or) What is a Responsive Web Design?
  5. Mention at least 10 tools that you have used in your previous Digital Marketing Projects?
  6. What is meant by the term Remarketing in Google Adwords?
  7. Mention a few proper SEO strategies?
  8. What are the latest updates of Google Algorithms 2018-2019 (Penguin and Panda)?
  9. What are the different ways to drive traffic for three months old Website or Blog?
  10. What is Social Media Marketing?
  11. How to increase the reputation of a Brand through Online?
  12. What is Email marketing? What are the tools/ Softwares you have used for Email Marketing?
  13. Why Online Engagement is more important in Digital Marketing?
  14. Explain about few social media campaigns of your previous projects?
  15. What is Content Marketing in SEO?
  16. What are the various Ranks given to a Website based on its traffic and reputation?
  17. What is Link Building in SEO?
  18. What are Niche Blogs?
  19. What are the differences between Organic Search Traffic and Paid Traffic?
  20. How to Bid for Ads in Google Adwords?
  21. How you will select the best keywords for your brand on Google Adwords paid search traffic?
  22. How to generate more sales using social media?
  23. What are the differences between do follow and no follow links?

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