Most Common Big Data Hadoop Interview Questions

Hadoop Interview Questions: Hadoop is an Opensource Software used for processing the Big data using the Map Reduce programming model. Apache Hadoop is the best choice in today's world,  for the Big Data problems. Here I have gathered frequently asked Hadoop questions for preparing an Interview. If you are preparing for a Hadoop Interview, then you should know the most common questions asked in the Technical Interviews.

Hadoop Interview Questions

What is a Storage Unit?
What is HDFS(Hadoop Distributed File System)?
What is YARN(Yet Another Resource Negotiator)?
What is the use of Resource Manager and Node Manager in YARN?
What is Big Data and What are the problems of Big Data?
What are 4 V's stands for in Big Data?
What is the difference between RDBMS and Hadoop?
What is the difference between HDFS and Input Split?
What is Fault Tolerance?
List the differences between Hadoop 1.x and Hadoop 2.x?
What are active and passive name nodes?
What are the uses of a Name Node?
What is meant by Data Node?
What is a Job Tracker?
What is a Task Tracker?
How to know Data Node is working properly?
What is Heartbeat Signal?
What are the reasons for NameNode down?
What is Block Transfer and what are the uses of it?
What is the use of the jps command?
What is a daemon in Hadoop?
What are the different modes where Hadoop can run?
Explain the modes(local mode, pseudo-distributed mode, and fully distributed mode)?

Hadoop Map Reduce Interview Questions

What is the use of Map and Reduce?
What is the syntax function to run the Map Reduce?
What are the configuration parameters in the MapReduce Program?
What is the use of MapReduce Partitioner?
What is distributed cache in MapReduce?
What is Shuffling and Sorting in MapReduce?
What is Identity Mapper and Chain Mapper?
What is a Combiner?
What is SequentialFileInputFormat?
What is Apache Pig?
What are the differences between Apache Pig and MapReduce?
What is a Job Tracker?
Explain Job Scheduling through JobTracker?
What is meant by JobConf in MapReduce?
What is Output Committer?

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