Mindtree Interview Questions for Freshers 2019

Mindtree Freshers Interview Questions: If you are attending for Mindtree Off Campus Drive Interview or Mindtree Walk-in as a fresher, there are a few things you need to keep in mind. You are required to know the Mindtree selection process for Freshers and the interview questions asked in the recruitment drive. If you are curious about Mindtree Interview Questions, Let's have a look into those.

Mindtree Interview Questions and Recruitment Process

Mindtree selection process comprises of four rounds of Interview. The first round of Interview will be through AMCAT Test. The AMCAT Test contains questions on quantitative aptitude, Verbal and Logical Reasoning. So start your preparation from these sections. We have already covered sample question papers of AMCAT Test in our previous post. Click here to download AMCAT Test Papers.
The quantitative section contains questions on Percentages, Averages, Profit and Loss, Ages, Simple Interest, Time and Work, Time and Distance, etc.
Mindtree Technical Round Interview Questions
Mindtree Interview Questions 
The Verbal ability section contains questions on passages, synonyms, error spotting, etc. The logical reasoning consists of questions on Blood and Relations, Calendars, Clocks, Data Sufficiency, and Number Series, etc.

Mindtree Technical Interview Questions in Campus Drive

Selected candidates in the first round are required to attend the second round (Coding Round). According to the previous campus interviews, Two interview questions are provided to complete execution with the expected output. Example questions are

1. Execute a C program to find a given number is a prime number or not.
2. Write a C program to accept the information of a book such as a number, author, publisher, and price using structure?
3. Execute the Fibonacci Series Program using C Language/ Java?
4. Write a program on String Handling Functions?
5. Write a C program to find the sum of 'n' natural numbers?
6. Write a C Program using Structures to accept student information and display it?
7. Execute a C programme to find a number is prime?
8. Write a C Program to execute Factorial of a number?

The Third round is Technical Round contains questions on academic subjects and core subjects of your branch. Sometimes you need to execute Above said questions with Pen and Paper also. During such a scenario explain the logic behind the programme, loops, and syntaxes. Let's have a look into the few Mindtree technical interview questions.

Mindtree Interview Questions for Freshers 

  1. Distinguish between Local Variables and Global Variables?
  2. Write a Program on the paper to Swap two numbers using a temporary variable?
  3. Write a C program to check the given number is palindrome number?
  4. Explain String Handling Functions?
  5. Explain the Structure of a C Program?
  6. What is an Array?
  7. What is a Pointer?
  8. Explain the Object-Oriented Programming(OOP's) Concepts in Java?
  9. Explain about the recent project you did in your final semester?

The Final round and fourth of the MindTree Recruitment Process is the HR round. We already mentioned most frequently asked interview questions in HR round. 

As a fresher, you are required to follow a checklist while attending Off-Campus Drive. Let's have a look into those. 
  1. All Xerox copies of Mark Lists(10th, Intermediate, Degree/ Graduation)
  2. Government Photo Id Card (proof)
  3. Carry Two Passport Size Photos
  4. Updated Resume (with projects)
  5. A Pen and Paper
  6. Formal Dress (Good External Appearance)
  7. Interview Call Letter (Take a printout of the Email, If any)
    Have a Nice Day and All the Best for your Mindtree Interview. 

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