Qlik Tag Intern Software Engineer jobs @ Hyderabad & Pune

Qliktag is looking for enthusiastic interns to join the Hyderabad team for 3 months’ internship.
During the internship, you will learn as well as contribute to product features. Interns that excel and display strong potential during the 3-month internship will be considered for a full-time position opportunity & offered a position at the end of the internship.

Intern Software Engineer
Location: Hyderabad / Pune, India
Job Description

Required Skills If you have some of the below then you can apply for the internship
Ability to own up responsibility and work well in a team
Good analytical and problem-solving skills.
Has an open mindset and can think from a product perspective
Node.js, Angular.js, HTML, HTML5, CSS, JQuery, MongoDB, XSLT
Should have basic knowledge in Node.JS.
Understanding of NoSQL database systems.
MongoDB understanding is preferable.
Understanding of Dynamic Web interface development,
Object-Oriented JavaScript, AJAX, JQuery, XHTML, CSS
Basic experience with Linux environment
Concepts of cloud architecture

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